Early stage lung

Patient videos - animation


  • Short, bite-sized videos that address common questions from cancer patients.
  • Easily translatable and deployable across European countries.
  • Delivered with sensitivity, acknowledging the viewer’s challenging circumstances.
  • Unbranded, for display on platforms such as MSD.nl, patient association websites, etc.
  • Topics include: what is immunotherapy, treatment options, what to expect during and after treatment, and patient empowerment.


Our plan
We plan to create a series of short animations, in total between 8-10 minutes, each beginning with a question from the patient. The video begins with a full-screen title displaying the question, which also serves as the video’s thumbnail. We try to avoid a simple, flat ‘explainable’ style of animation, our goal is to add emotion, diversity and sensibility to the characters.

A friendly and understanding voice-over acts as a companion/buddy: “I will try to explain everything to you,” and “I understand you are overwhelmed.” Each of the videos feature different illustrated characters, resulting in a number of unique patients.
It is important that the viewer clearly understands what the voice-over is saying. They can follow along with the subtitles. For this reason, we choose calm and smooth movements for the animation, and avoid too much clutter and detail in the backgrounds of the shots.

Each of the videos features different characters, each representing a unique patient. This approach allows us to incorporate diversity. We emphasize portraying realistic bodies that for example might be slightly overweight or have birthmarks and chest hair. We deliberately avoid highly stylized, rounded, cartoony, or flawless characters. The characters have facial expression and emotion.
The characters are detailed and expressive, they have emotion.

Re-usable format
To minimize the effort required by other countries to adapt the animations, we ensure we leave enough time at the beginning and end of each scene. This allows for accommodating various voice-overs without the need to adjust the animation timing. We will provide an open project file for the titles that need translation and modification, making it easy for other video agencies to handle. By using abstract backgrounds and a diverse set of characters, the videos are suitable for all European countries.
Muziekrechten afgekocht voor alle landen voor altijd!

Scope of work

Pre-production (4 weeks)
The initial script by Dr. Georg Pall provides a solid foundation, supplemented by information from sources such as KWF Netherlands, Lung Cancer Netherlands, and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. We will also analyze relevant Google search terms.
To enhance the script, we will incorporate regional insights and seek input from a healthcare specialist recommended by MSD, particularly regarding the patient journey.

Copy (3 weeks)
Following revisions and approval by MSD (Medical), we will finalize the script.

Storyboard & styleframes (2 weeks)
We will create a storyboard and styleframes, which MSD will review and approve.

Animation & sound (10 weeks)
Subsequently, we will proceed with illustration and animation, incorporating feedback at multiple stages.
The voice-over will be recorded, and music and sound design will be added.

Cost estimate: € (excl. VAT & quotation uses provisional sums)

Adaptations by other countries

To adapt the videos for other countries, only the script translation, recording of a new voice-over, and adding subtitles are required. The animation itself remains unchanged; only the title screen (the question at the beginning of the video) needs translation. We estimate this process will take approximately one day of work for the local video agency, in addition to the voice-over fee.